GDPR statement

We hold personal data about our employees, clients, suppliers and other individuals for a variety of business purposes. We endeavour to protect personal data and ensure that staff understand the rules governing their use of personal data to which they have access in the course of their work.


We process personal data fairly and lawfully in accordance with individuals’ rights. This generally means that we do not process personal data unless the individual whose details we are processing has consented to this happening and only hold on to it for as long as is legitimately required.

  • Our Senior Management Team has a responsibility to keep updated with data protection responsibilities, risks & issues

  • We review all data protection procedures and policies on a regular basis

  • We arrange data protection training and advice for all staff members

  • We will respond quickly to individuals such as clients and employees who wish to know the nature of the data we hold

  • We proactively check and approve any third parties we use as having at least equal GDPR standards as ourselves, and agree with any client before using such third parties

  • We complete a data handling form for every research project to specifically understand the needs of the client and the duration of retaining data after completion

    Things that we do / have in place to ensure compliance: