The Hub is Discovery's Kids & Youth offering, set up in order to engage with young people and get to the heart of our clients' objectives

At The Hub, we have extensive experience working with pre-schoolers, tweens, teens and students, as well as parents and teachers. 

We are proud of our wide-ranging qualitative and quantitative work with this audience, which has included a variety of diverse tools and objectives


Annually exploring trends in children’s media consumption.


Looking at how these trends are evolving over time - we have been running this qualitative tracker for six years.

Quantitatively evaluating the impact of the BBC micro:bit campaign.


Speaking directly to teachers, pupils, and parents, we tracked awareness and impact of the device and support.

Passive tracking to get under the skin of actual behaviour.

We have used this approach in a number of projects to understand the difference between claimed and actual usage of apps / websites, and consequently written a paper about it.


Our friendly team have extensive experience speaking with this audience, so you can be confident when working with us