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  • Jamie Nesbit

Why Flexibility in Educational Resources Matters

It is commonly agreed that children’s schooling should be as unaffected as possible throughout the pandemic. This has led to many government announcements regarding schooling - who can go into schools, when they can go in, how long they go in for, and with whom they can interact. With a second wave starting and Sage suggesting another lockdown during an extended October half-term, it’s clear that the risks of lockdown to children’s education is not over yet.

While measures have been recommended to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission in schools, limited support has been given to teachers now faced with uncertainty over whether they’ll need to go back to remote teaching if the second wave continues unchecked. It has largely been left to teachers to adapt their resources and information to facilitate the changes that have come about from lockdown, for example teaching remotely during the first national lockdown. With many students at crucial stages in their educational lives, insight into the impact of educational resources can help mitigate some of this uncertainty.

Prior to the initial lockdown, The Hub worked with several educational companies and spoke to teachers and students to identify how educational resource providers can help them with targeted information. We found that specificity in content is important, but the resources must be in a format that is adaptable, as every teacher likes to edit them to suit their teaching style. Both teachers and students want to avoid the pandemic having a lasting impact on students’ grades and future prospects.

In an ever changing sector, the coronavirus pandemic has now created another reason why lesson resources must be adaptable. Here at The Hub, we can help educational providers learn what teachers and students really need in these times, both in terms of how current resources are or are not working, and foresight into what can help give teachers the flexibility they need in the months to come.


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