Privacy information notice

Discovery Research is a qualitative and quantitative market research consultancy.

We are commissioned by companies (our clients) to conduct research to support their business needs. This often involves us speaking to members of the public to gather their thoughts and feedback on a specific subject having firstly gained their agreement to participate in the research.

We collate feedback, analyse and interpret what it means for our clients and present them with the findings Unless we have prior consent from you to share personal information collected or created by the research with our client, this output will be anonymized.


Your contact details will have been provided to us either by a recruiter/agency working with us to find the right people for the project; or we will have been given it directly from our client with whom you have an existing relationship and will have opted in / consented to have your details passed on to us, or through their right to legitimate interest.

  • You will always be clearly told what details we are collecting and why we need them

  • Your contact details are only used for the purposes of getting in touch with you as part of the research process, and only in relation to the project

  • Unless your consent is gained, your details will not be shared with the client, even if they have provided us with the database

  • If we are using a client database we rarely have permission to amend or update records. But we will be able to direct you to their data handling process so you can deal with them directly

  • Contact data is always securely stored and password protected


Your contact data will be securely kept for 12months. Any data e.g. recordings of the research sessions that is generated as output for the project will be retained for 24months or as long as the project remains commercially relevant. We will always tell you how project data will be used so you can gather your informed consent before we collect it.
At the end of these time periods your data will either be deleted or anonymised, e.g. by aggregation with other data so it can be used in a non identifiable way for statistical analysis & business planning.


  • Request access to personal data we hold about you, free of charge in most cases. Our contact details can be found below

  • Request any correction of personal data e.g. if what we have is out of date or incomplete


NB if the data is in our clients possession we will provide you details of how to submit your request directly to them in a timely fashion.

If you feel at any point you have the need to complain about the way your data has been handled, you have the right to lodge this complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office by calling 0303 123 1113 or visiting the website